Q & A

Is the contest available for a single person only?

Yes, a team can be formed by just one person.

About the prize , does the all team members receive a one year scholarship or the scholarship is for only one person?

And if it’s only for one person could it’s value be divided to partial scholarships for the team members or not?The scholarship is for only one person, and yes can be divided if there is more than one that want to do it.

Could be possible to register the same team twice with two different proposals?

Yes, but you must do it with two different group leaders. There has to be one team leader per Project.

May the video take two minutes instead of one?

Yes it can take longer, but we recommend a short length video. No, it is not mandatory but highly recommended.

I am still a student at the university. Can I apply?

Yes, you can. In case of being awarded the participation in the master program is conditioned by having the necessary requirements

Since we just graduated and are currently unemployed, we don't have the name of the university or the office to list in the registration sheet, what should we write in that space?

Either leave the box empty or write the name of your former University.

In what format should be made the description of the project?

The written description should be placed in the panels together with the ID Code.

Should the site be a real one or could it be a virtual one?

Proposals can be located in any part of the planet.

What does include MAEBB scholarship?

MAEBB scholarship includes the full academic tuition fee, but not the room and full board. This value is defined on the MAEBB application page.