May 12th, 15.00 (CEST) Making & Designing X Living

Online Event:

The power of making (and makers) has demonstrated that resilient and skillful people, with access to open source technology, can be game-changers during a crisis. Designers, engineers, medical doctors, makers, mostly everyone, contributed with a fast response to what society needed in an agile and collaborative way. The world that is about to come is not determined yet, we can take the best from extreme situations and make it foundational of the futures we want to create. We will gather a group of leaders in the field of design, technology, engineering, and social impact, in order to share with the world what it means to be able to make almost anything… together.

Connecting Live:

This event is part of IAAC’s Design For Living contest. Competition ends July 15th!

Due to current Covid-19 quarantine restrictions in Spain and Barcelona, IAAC hosts its events online, using Zoom Conferencing.

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